A civil society organization that empowers vulnerable women , girls and children through Health care, Education and development.

We envisage a community where women , girls and children are fully empowered, enjoying their rights and having access to health care facilities


We attend to all issues affecting Women, Girls and Children. No problem is big for us !!

People discussing issues

We urge women, girls and children from all walks of life to open up and come and share your problems with us. We believe in God, and our works are fully guided by the Lord. You can be crying today but it is going to be easy for you if you come to us.

Safe sex :: Encouraging use of condoms


As LHEDFT we are advocates for women and girls education and development projects that can emopower someone. We advocate for the marginalised to get first priority. We work with women and girls encouraging them to have self confidence and as such get to greater heights. We encourage children to go to school and love God. Children are the leaders of tomorrow and as such education is a basic right.

Women learning


Health for women , girls, and children is our major concern. We always stand encouraging our clients when ever they are faced with difficult situations as a result of sickness. Some illnesses are uncurable, some are contracted as a result of ignorance and as such we educate women about these situations. Girls can get unwanted pregnancies, STIs, etc and they need someone to stand with them in these difficult times.